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Do you read poetry? If so, what is your favorite poem?

message: I don't read that much poetry i really like the poems my friend writes tho.i would show you one of his poems but with my luck he would see this and get mad.langston hughes is a good poem writer.we read some of his poems in class.but i prefer music over poetry.
name: unknown

message: My favortie poems is by floetry. There an female singer group that writes and sings there poets. my favorite poems are "sunshine" and "smile"
name: coco

message: Maybe Dats Your Pwoblem by Jim Hall It is a poem using the rather unexpected character voice of Spiderman. He has some interesting character traits you just don't see in the movie that are in the poem. It is especially funny when somebody reads it out loud.
name: unknown

message: My favorite poem is a poem by Emily Dickenson. I'm not sure what the name is but the first line is "The heart asks pleasure first" I don't know. It speaks to me. I love poetry. I also like Sonnet 18 by Shakespeare. So yeah. I read poetry=]
name: anonymous