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At what age do you think people should stop trick-or-treating for Halloween?

message: Never. Ha. I personally think that you can still Trick Or Treat when you are a teenager. I think it is fun. (: Well, some of my friends and I still go.
name: unknown

message: I don't think there should be an age on something like that. If you dress up then you can have candy. I got turned away from two houses last year because "i'm too old" but i was dressed up and with friends just trying to have a good time. if older kids come to my house and want candy sure i'll give it to them. Think of it this way...they aren't somewhere else getting into trouble.
name: Amber

message: never stop! its fun!
name: unknown

message: I think people should stop trick-or-treating for Halloween at the at of 13.
name: Dennean

message: NEVER
name: Melinda

message: 40-something coz after that they've got to prepare candies for us right?
name: ashley

message: never you can always be young at heart
name: melodi

message: Any age at all as long as you have fun and be responsible, also some people only trick-or-treat less that is fine too. You can have a party and trick-or-treat.
name: unknown

message: i think there is no age limit. all your doing is having fun and getting free candy
name: haley

message: Dude, I am pretty sure that no one is too old to trick-or-treat, not going to lie to you haha
name: Jacob

message: I think at age 18 people should stop trick-or-treating!
name: Persephone

message: 16 or 17
name: unknown

message: Never you get free candy
name: sotero

message: NEVER!!!! You should quit whenever you what or when your homeowners people tell you to quit
name: unknown

message: Personally I think you are never to old to trick-or-treat. Well maybe when your in your 20's.
name: Summer-Nicole

message: i love dressing up for hollaween so i think i am never going to stop dressing. but i am going to stop tricking treating when i turn 16
name: nicole