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…on the THING for the Weeks of 01/04/2010, 01/11/2009, 01/18/2009 & 01/25/2009 :

What's the oddest news story you've heard lately?

message: my teacher is moving to Oklahoma.
name: unknown

message: The oddest news story I've heard recently is that there is a website to help me productively procrastinate. It's AWESOME!
name: unknown

message: Once, in Current Events class, we were watching CNN Student News (so boring!), and they showed this story about a cat who got called for jury duty. I don;t remember the exact details, because everyone was talking, but for some convoluted reason this cat was summoned for jury duty. I don't know. Look it up.
name: Bassoon man

message: The tv show bones and them talking about john f kennedy and his assasination.
name: unknown

message: The oldest news was that micheal jackson is died.
name: rashaan

message: There's a cat, Oscar, who can predict the death of nursing home patients. In their final hours, he crawls up into their beds, and within hours they pass away. He has been nicknamed the "death cat" and has predicted over 50 deaths. If a patient is dying, and the door is closed, it is reported that Oscar will scratch at the door. It is suggested that Oscar can smell a chemical given off by dying cells.
name: Gina

message: the oldest story i eard this WEEK is about the Haiti incident
name: babygirl