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Should teens have part-time jobs to earn their own spending money?

message: yes they should!
name: courtney

message: Yes they should. But there aren't any jobs availible for teens under the age of 16. I really want to get a job and earn my own money, but I can't find anywhere to work. The only jobs I can do are babysitting and petsitting and I never get those opportunties.
name: Amber

message: I believe it's a choice. Because not all students require money for leisure - they can do things for free. However when a certain age is reached a teen should stop asking their parents for money and should begin the process of "personal management" which prepares them for when they are actually on their own.
name: unknown

message: yes they should have part time jobs so they can buy there own clothes, save up for a house or a car when they get older. also if they have kids they can take care of them like feeding them and making sure they have clothes
name: Bobby

message: Absolutely! I've had a part-time job since I was 14 (I'm nearly 17 now), and I've loved the freedom that comes with earning my own money. It was also a great way to learn some financial responsibility.
name: unknown

message: well i am a teen and i say no.. at least for the typical teenager.. most teens are so pressured into drugs every day that the last thing they need is money to buy the drugs with.. i know a few people who would buy it and try it just to stop the peer pressure... i have been homeschooled since 5th grade for that and many other significant reasons, my mom heard of this really cool idea when i was little: you have at least four divisions for your money- -tything (we always try to give to God first) -savings -taxes(in case we own our own business) and-spending we get our allowance for chores every two weeks and divide in that order.. we put the savings in the bank and we get a tax return at the end of each month.. if a teenager was to have a part time job and needed help with budgeting i would recommend this.. you can keep the different money in folgers coffie cans or any 4 containers you like... thanks... great web site!
name: unknown

message: Yes,they should have part-time jobs to earn their own spending money,and they can feel the worth of money.
name: faiz

message: I Believe We Should. It Teaches Teens How To Be Responsible With Money && Gives Them A Taste Of What Their Financial Life Could Be Like. Also It Gives Them Experience && Opens Many Doors. Lastly They Can Help Support Their Families By Working. It's Not Just Adults Who Need The Jobs..It's Us Too!!.
name: Tokio

message: I think that teens shold earn their own money because teens need to learn the responsability of spending money and to learn how to interact with coworkers. It's understandable that job and money give teens more freedom, therefore part-time jobs for teens teach them to be responsable with their freedom and future.
name: anonymous

message: As a teen myself, if I could get a job I would. Mostly because when I turn 16 I would like to already have $ saved up to buy a car. How can I buy my own car @ 16 if no one lets me work before I turn 16? I don't want to have to wait after I turn 16 to earn money and then buy a car. I also want $ befoe that to go out and do things without having to ask my parents for $. Also, my summers are spent doing nothing... so why shouldn't I be able to use that time to make $?... How can adults expect us to be responsible if we can't make our own $, buy things ourself, and then show them we can take care of them?...
name: Madi

message: Yeah, teens should be able to work. When they get older
name: anonymous they're supposed to become more responsible, and I'm sure I'm not the only one with parents that say stuff like "Well you should save your money for that.", or "Why are you always asking for money?" well if I had a job I'd have money to save up for stuff I want and I wouldn't always ask for money.
name: Smart1

message: That highly depends on the teen. If they want a job they can have one, but if they can't even manage their school work they are probably better off not getting a job. I don't have a job because I already procrastinate on most of my homework, and getting a job would only help me not do it.
name: AxSavage

message: YES. We need to learn to be independent BEFORE the day we turn 18 and are forced to. And, we need to learn that we can't always depend on our parents for everything we WANT.
name: Raelle

message: ya i think that teens should ern their own spending money because it will give them a taste of the reall lif and we all have to be ready for it. however gas money the parents should help out with.
name: Ryan

message: i do not agree with bobby i think that the parents should always buy food and cloths for their kids because it is the parents responsibility.
name: ryan

message: i think that it important for teens to be able to work for spending money because it teaches us future skills for when we get a job for a living
name: pablones

message: the answer is yes. If and only if it does not interfere with their school work. part time job can teach them many valuable lessons that school or family cannot provide.
name: nguyen

message: Yes, we should be able to but the only jobs for, us under 16, are baby sitting and dog sitting and I don't think that, that is really fare for us because some of us actually want to get jobs!
name: Kaitlyn

message: no
name: anonymous

message: Having your own money is great. But if work your marks start to slide doswnhill you should dump the job.
name: anonymous

message: I'd say it depends. I think teens should get jobs, if they can find them. For spending money, yea, part-time jobs are great. Parents shouldn't have to pay for a teen's music or other random purchases. I think teens should get, if possible, a clothing and school allowance (fixed amount) for them to allocate and budget how they choose. It can be hard to find a part-time job, especially if there are lots of other teens trying to get jobs too...
name: rainshadow

message: Teens should get part-time jobs for extra spending money. It can get them valuable experiance for the work life later on, and companies like McDonalds, SEGA, and even Wal-Mart, need executives. Important people like Bill Gates had jobs at McDonalds early in life
name: The Guy

message: I think that if teens want extra, they should get jobs. It also helps them to learn responsibility and the value of money. It also could help their parents out during this harsh economy!
name: Alysa

message: Yes. If we want to show how responsible we are to our parents then we should get a job. Plus if we earn money from our job, parents wouldn't have to pay for our clothes anymore or even our first car.
name: Shannon

message: yes.but time is $ procrastinators..........
name: veronica

message: yes i do think teens should have part-time jobs. most parents are tired and may be un able to afford giving their teens money. i myself am a teen who has a job. and my parents no longer lend me money.
name: Marcos

message: Yes, it would be the coolest thing ever!
name: Jarod

message: yes the sould
name: dazhane

message: yes the should because this is the stage where every thing sets in our mind. So if we take all of our parents money now we will be feeding off of them now. Than we would be feeding off of them forever
name: anonymous

message: yes they should because at this age of our lives just about everything we do sinks into our brains
name: anonymous

message: Uh...Yeah they should have part time jobs. They need to get ahead in life, so the can have a family, a home, and earn a really nice job.
name: Ashley

message: I do think teen should be able to get a prat-time job because it will makes us more respondalbe and we can learn the vale of a dollar
name: Lilly

message: i will say yes
name: anonymous

message: Yes, they should because it will teach them responsiblity.
name: emily

message: Yes, definitely, I think that teens should have a part time job to earn there own money and that way they don't have to ask and bother parents and have them spend the parents money when they could be bringing there own money so parents could manage better and teens could learn responsability and good skills for future, have money to save up for college and they choose what's most important to them with how they would be spending there money and it would not be parents fault because they were there to give advise and support them in what they think is worth for there teens.
name: rose

message: Most of the time: no! Coming from a graduating high school senior, your education should really be your top priority - so you can get into a fabulous college, get a degree and earn WAY more money down the road. Sacrificing success in the future to earn pocket money in high school is just dumb. That said, there are two reasons a part-time job could actually be worth it for a teen: 1. it's something relevant to what you want to do when you grow up. This will give you valuable experience in your field and make it so so so much easier to get another position after you graduate. (Example: a job in a research lab.) 2. You/your family actually really needs the money. People say (okay, I said) school should be first priority, but really, 30% of American teens aren't even in school and you shouldn't have to be one of them because your family can't afford it.
name: anonymous

message: I believe so. A job not only gives teens money, but is also just something to do. If everyone had something to do all the time, nothing bad would stem out of boredom.
name: Ezra

message: yes so that they wont be lazy there whole life and wont be wanting all their parents money!!!!!!!
name: littlefarm

message: yes so they dont take their parents money!!!!
name: madeline

message: nope because my parents need to give me money so I can concentrate on my "studying" which is really just chillin at the house or doing something besides studying lol

message: Yes. It teaches them self control, responsibility, and respect for personal property as well as others property.
name: Elizabeth

message: i definitely think teens should have part-time jobs for the usage of personal things, there are advantages such as staying out of trouble; they will be too busy working, they don't have to bother their parents for extra cash, and lastly it builds work experience and character for the future.
name: lalala