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…on the THING for the Weeks of 06/18/2010 - 07/30/2010 :

At what age do you think teenagers should be allowed to drive?

message: I think Teenagers should be allowed to drive at 16.
name: Mallory

message: 16 with Driver's Ed as a requirement. I got my license at 14, took driver's ed, did lots of time behind the wheel, and I was not ready. Still I passed the test, went out on the road and promptly got into an accident, totalling my Dad's favorite car. It was horrible. They should have made me wait until I was more mature. I almost killed my best friend and her sister.
name: Jennifer

message: the age teenagers should drive is fourteen becasue the is the age were most teenagers mature
name: anonymous

message: 16
name: JOSE

message: I think teens should be allowed to drive at age 15.
name: Beth

message: I think fourteen is an execellent age to allow A and B honor roll students drive. I think it would encourage good grades. It would also cut down on how long the students would be out because they would have to study to keep their license. This being so, they could not be out all hours of the night for risk of their grades dropping and losing their license.
name: Dean

message: at 16 because they have no less maturity than at 18 at that time and they need a car at those times most as they need to attend school and other clubs out of school and sometimes, in some cases - most of the time, parents are unable to drop and pick up their children all the time. Also, they need to save as much time as possible to have time for other things rather than travelling on public transport most of their time.
name: anonymous

message: I think teenagers should be allowed to drive when their 18 years old!
name: courtney

message: Honestly, I think that teens should drive at the same age we do now. All though I would love to drive right now at the age that I am (14), I understand the consequences of teens being behind the wheel.
name: Tori