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…on the THING for the Weeks of 10/13/2010 - 11/15/2010 :

If you could have any career when you graduate school, what would it be and why?

message: I would be the General Manager of the Atlanta Braves, because I love sports and I know that when I get older, I probably will not play pro baseball, so I may as well get into sports managing, because I love constant change, and I manage money extremley well, and I'm savvy too. My salary would be about 3 million dollars. Getting lots of money doing my dream job. What more could you want?
name: Quags Z 19

message: I would really want to be an author but I don't know well that would turn out.:-( I'm as good as a writer as my classmates although I really am trying.
name: Danielle

message: i would first go to a 4 yr college then look forward to becoming a vet!!!
name: shuvangi

message: A conductor, so that I can express a piece of music in my own opinion and style.
name: anonymous

message: It would play football. Because i a run back of LPA
name: Eli

message: My career when i graduate school will to go to collage, get a master degree and than go to be a salonist.
name: Macy