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What makes a date (when you go out with someone) great?

message: I think it's great when they can show you by the way that they speak and act how much you mean to them, even if it's just the first date. :)
name: MelanieSue

message: what makes a date great is the conversation that the two or more share . if you have a bad conversation then the date stinks on a date id like to be able to talk to them get to know them or talk about your day. Also every girl looks for a guy she can talk to. if you cant talk to them then whats the point
name: selena

message: Just being there with them and being able to talk to them
name: rachel

message: To me what makes a date great is when you are with a person that you really like and can be doing the most ridiculous stuff thats really embarrassing and still feel comfortable with that other person. The thing that would probably make or break the date with me is if the guy didn't pay any attention to me.
name: divagirl12

message: Well... Ive never been on a date but, there are a lot of aspects that contribute to a perfect date. Mostly it's who you go with. He has to be sweet and he cant be too fast. Also you actually have to feel comfortable around him and be yourself.
name: anonymous