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…on the THING for the Weeks of 11/02/11 - 12/08/11 :

If you could travel anywhere on Earth, all expenses paid, where would you go?

message: I would go to Japan. I would LOVE to see the cherry blossoms, and all of the art there. It would be amazing to eat their food, and be able to experience the culture first hand. :)
name: Caro-chan

message: i would go to a warm place with lots of koala bears
name: koala_lover_69

message: Well if I had a free trip to anywhere... for FREEEE!!! I would go to Russia just so i could see my uncle!
name: Darion

message: I would travel to London because it would be a change of scenery, a significant difference of culture (although not to overwhelming), and I would not have to learn a new language.
name: June

message: I'd go home. I'm at school right now--actually a little yellow box of a room they call "In School Suspension." Lovely, mildly oxymoronic title. I don't like it here. My house is cold these days as winter becomes ever more blustery and its lack of real insulation becomes ever more apparent, but still. I've got a radiator that gets my room toasty, even giving off the reassuring smell of artificial warmth. I like it there.
name: Elias

message: i whould got to japan because i enjoy there culture and the ,their food.
name: lamptey13

message: Go on tour with my favorite band Black Veil Brides... BVB ARMY WILL FOREVER STAND♥
name: XennoImaDorkMae or CC

message: I think I would go to Montana. I'd most likely go to Big Fork, Montana. It's very beautiful there as I've seen from pictures posted on the web. I also like the cold weather and the fact that there are many horse ranches there. It would be a fun experience and I believe I would very much enjoy it(:
name: Trav_baby

message: vrindavan, holy land
name: anonymous

message: To be honest, I wouldn't "go" anywhere. I would choose to live somewhere, but I never consider travelling home as "going" somewhere. Given the option, I would build myself a small, glass, dome-shaped house at the bottom of the ocean, with a few close friends and family members being able to visit by submarine should they wish to do so. It would need to be near wildlife, to allow for research. But as far away from humans as possible. I am not a hermit. I just know that humans, by nature, are destructive, and eventually, it will all blow up in our faces. I just wish that I won't have to be present to face the aftermath.
name: anonymous

message: I would go to Japan. I think that Japan is very interesting and it would be cool to go there and try their cuisines.
name: Aijmeerah

message: If I could travel anywhere on earth without having to pay for it I think I would go to Europe, Idk why I guess it's because it seems so fancy
name: jade