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…on the THING for the Weeks of 04/01/13 - 06/24/13 :

What is your favorite food?

message: SHAWERMA
name: SHAYAN

message: My favorite food is by far grilled salmon with a smokey seasoning.
name: anonymous

message: my favorite FOODS are cheesy rice, donuts, and my grandmas maceroni and cheese
name: zachary

message: I have many favorite foods so it is a little hard to choose only one. I guess if I really had to, I would have to choose, Ramen noodles. I live off of that stuff.(:
name: anonymous

message: My favourite food is Fennel
name: Mel

message: baked potatoes
name: anonymous

message: I'm not choosy when it comes to food, but what I like best is pork stew- pork with potatoes, carrots and chick peas in tomato sauce.
name: Christa

message: Foods that are sweet, (e.g. jellies, fruit) and those that are colorful.
name: Kitty Meow